Friday, December 03, 2010

Best ammo for a Ruger Mark V Pistol

I love my Ruger Mark 5, an amazing 22 handgun that can nuke a squirrel at 50 yards.

Like any match grade target pistol, the Ruger Mark 5 has his own preferences for ammo, and I tested many types of bullets on my Ruger Mark 5 using a bench rest at 50 yards and again at 25 yards.

The overall ballistic characteristics of the best ammo in my Ruger Mark 5 Pistol tests were surprising:

- Expensive ammo had less "flyers": The more expensive 22 bullets consistently had less duds and "flyers", important if you plan to compete in target pistol match shooting. You get what you pay for!

- Ammo has different characteristics at 25 vs 50 yards: I was surprised that some ammo was great on the Ruger 22 at 25 yards, but not so accurate at 50 yards.

These are rated best to worst, for my 22 Ruger Mark 5. I found that the more expensive low velocity ammo did not do well at all at 50 yards. Each of these bullets hit 13 of 16 rounds at 25 yards using a bench rest:

- Remington 22 target (8 cents each) - This ammo was superb at 50 yards, with 12/16 hits on a six inch target! At 25 yards, I shot six bullets within a one inch group, but I had three "fyers".

- Winchester 22 Super X (7 cents each) – This ammo hit three bullseye's at 25 yards (with two flyers). Eight of 16 rounds were in a 3 inch group. However, the Winchester 22 Super X did not show great consistency at 50 yards.

- CCI Mini Mag (7.5 cents each) – I shot six shots bullet-over bullet, indicating great accuracy

Every Ruger 22 Mark 3, Mark 4 and Mark 5 target pistol has its own unique appetite for ammo.

Remember, every individual handgun is different and only your own tests will tell you what ammo your Ruger pistol shoots the tightest groups.

See my full notes on the best target bullets for a Ruger 22 caliber Mark 5 target pistol.