Thursday, December 30, 2010

Join the Navy and never leave your friends behind

Well, "Don't ask don't tell" has been repealed, and the U. S. armed forces will now start taking all comers (pun intended).

It's inevitable that there will soon be specialized recruiting for gays and lesbian soldiers and sailors.

They may even form all-gay units, imagine the possibilities:

It's well known that the British have accepted fairy nice soldiers in their military for centuries:

We'll have a gay old time . . .

It's sad, but there may be no gay Marines . . .

I've been told by several Marines that despite the new rules, Marines may not tolerate fairies among the ranks of few and the proud.

The few, the proud, the pink . . . Not happening

Recruiting Sailors by Sexual Preference

All branches of the military have different uniforms based on sex:

The military has always had separate uniforms based on sex

Hence, I expect that there will be "fabulous" gay uniforms.

The armed forces have targeted recruiting ads toward women for decades:

So it's no stretch that they will now target gay and lesbian recruits.

I wonder that a gay military recruiting poster might look like?

The Navy has always been popular for gay people, it's like a singles cruise . . .

Here is a concept recruiting poster the new gay Navy: