Friday, December 03, 2010

Test for the best ammo for a CZ-452

I love my CZ-452 Lux, an amazing 22 rifle that can nuke pop bottles all day at 100 yards with the standard iron sights.

Like any rifle, the CZ452 has his own preferences for ammo, and I tested many types of bullets on my CZ452 using a benchrest at 50 yards.

In my tests for the best bullets for the CZ 452 accuracy, the ballistic characteristics of the best ammo was simple:

- Low velocity ammo is better: Without exception, the “low velocity”, “subsonic” and “standard velocity” 22 bullets shot tighter groups with my CZ452.

- Expensive ammo has better consistency : With two notable exceptions (in order, PMC, Blazer and CCI standard velocity), the more expensive 22 bullets consistently shot tighter groups with less “flyers”. You get what you pay for.

I tested many types of 22 caliber ammo, and my test is no no means definitive. These are rated best to worst, for my 22 CZ452. As you can see, there is a direct correlation between price and accuracy:

- Blazer 22 long rifle bullets - This ammo just blows out the bullseye at 100 yards (5 cents each)

- CCI 22 standard velocity – Twelve cents each (12 cents)

See my full notes here on the best ammo for a CZ-452 rifle.