Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Remember Pearl Harbor Day

Let's never forget December 7th, 1941 . .

December 7th was the 20th Century 9/11, a dastardly sneak attack by a cowardly enemy that started a worldwide conflict.

As FDR said, Pearl Harbor day should always be remembered:

"The unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on...December 7th...

A date that will live in infamy".

The first day of WWII is personal to me, my family was there, fighting the enemy in the Pacific.

Remember to put your flag at half-mast on this scared holiday:

Just hours after Pearl Harbor, Clark Field got a sneak attack from the Japanese.

My own Dad was there, and he was nearly killed by a bomb fragment. The shrapnel burned him badly, and he kept it as a reminder that there are always enemies out to steal our freedom.

I still have the bomb shell, my personal reminder never to let December 7th fade from the American psyche. . .

Louis F. Burleson in WWII

Just like 911, America was the victim or a sneak attack by a brutal enemy:

Today we remember those who fought for our sacred freedom . . .