Friday, December 03, 2010

Free live Coyote and Silver Fox Varmints

Our ranch is over-run by varmints this year, especially coyotes and silver foxes . . .

They can carry disease and pestilence, and they are eating my poultry, so I am having them trapped alive:

We use Jen3’s husband David, a master hunter, a fine upstanding young man and a great trapper:

David catches coyotes and foxes using live traps . .

He caught this silver fox this week, trying to eat one of my chickens:

I am an animal lover and I hate to see these critters dispatched for their pelts.

Save a Fox from this fate

Please call for a free Fox or Coyote

If you possess the required permits to take wildlife, you are welcome to as many coyotes and foxes that you can carry.

Please call Jen3 if you want a free live Coyote or Silver Fox.

Call today and I’ll throw-in a free squirrel or possum . . .

Note: These are wild critters, mean and aggressive, not suitable for pets