Monday, December 27, 2010

Big game hunting with a handgun!

Any moron with a good scope and a modern high–powered rifle can easily go big game hunting and kill at 300 yards.

It's easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

For example, look at that silly bimbo Sarah Palin on her stupid TV show while “hunting” a caribou!

This dumb bimbo should not be proud of this easy kill

My grandma could have shot that caribou; all Sarah did was lay down and squeeze the trigger.

It’s just not sporting!

Uncle Remus used to talk about “old man hunter from Huntsville”, and a real sportsman will use a bow and arrow or a big game pistol.

I prefer up-and close hunting where you have to get within a few hundred years, and it’s way more fun to hunt predator than a prey animal.

Even though predators don't taste good, predators might hunt you back, making it lots more fun:

- Lions and Tiger and Bears: Oh My!

- Somali Pirates: I like this idea, the Somalia Pirate hunting cruise

To make it "fair" I recommend big game hunting with a handgun to kill a Grizzly bear . . .

Big game hunting with a handgun

Big game hunting with a pistol is not a new idea. Here is my 150 year cap lock rifle that some redneck chopped down and converted into a 50 caliber pistol!

A big game pistol made from a rifle
(From the private collection of Donald K. Burleson)

Here is my big game pistol, a Thompson 30/30 that packs a whallop:

When you have to carry a hunting rifles over great distances, it's easier to slip the pistol under your belt, but beware, the cold steel will tickle your nads:

Carrying a high-powered pistol in your britches may make you appear amorous

Gun accuracy is not always about the length of the barrel. Packing a pistol makes sense of you are tracking a mountain lion over hill and dale for 15 miles, with a pistol that has far less weight and just as deadly.

For example, I did a ballistic test on my trusty Marlin 30/30 lever action game rifle, weighing about 8 pounds with my Thompson pistol:

But man oh man, does the Thompson pack a monster kick! The muzzle flash alone is awesome, and my hands ached after shooting only 10 rounds in this monster.

The Thompson centerfire in high caliber has the greatest recoil of any gun in the world!

Watch this fellow shoot a 60 caliber Thompson Contender, the most powerful handgun in the world. It’s hilarious!

But recoil aside, you cannot deny that the Thompson centerfire is among the most accurate pistols in the whole world.

Check out this Thompson center pistol hitting balloon at 300 yards: