Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cops TV show: Ho Ho Ho!

The TV show “Cops” had a great Christmas show titled “Ho Ho Ho!”, but it's not what you think.

The “Ho Ho Ho’ show is not about Santa Claus, it's about Hoes!

"Cops" is reality TV at it’s scummiest, watch as they pick-up hookers and cross-dressing prostitutes. Check this out, entertaining and scary:

COPS episode "Ho Ho Ho"

The worst part was one whore you had AIDS and was still plying his wares in Las Vegas!

Seriously, he was KILLING people by having sex with people, and the police could not arrest him.

Watch for an Adams Apple!

These cross dressing men are very convincing, and every “John” should watch-out for any hooker with an Adams Apple:

Andre Renaldo picks up men for sex!

This guy is scary looking!

Male whores decieve men, at least until they disrobe!

Funny COPS TV show excerpts!

COPS is not for everyone, but it's fun sometimes, to watch losers and feel superior: