Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bermuda golf tips

For the busy executive, Bermuda makes a great getaway, less than a 2 hour flight from any of the airports on the east coast.

Best of all, Bermuda remains very warm! Even though it is at the same latitude as
North Carolina, it’s about ten-fifteen degrees warmer than the east coast. Some adventurous folks even take their boats there:

The beaches are really pink, colored by red coral debris. Bermuda has great scuba dicing and snorkeling, really nice:

There are some places that rent segways, a fun way to get around:

Many of the professional length golf courses on Bermuda are intimidating to hackers and beginners:

Our favorite Bermuda golf spot is the Bermuda Southampton Golf course, a fun and amazing par-3 course, nestled right against the ocean:

For more, see my notes on Bermuda Travel tips and my notes on hacker golf in Bermuda.