Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The best aircraft cockpits

What are the coolest cockpits? There are huge differences in visibility, comfort, but there are some amazing ones.

As a licensed puddle-jumper pilot, I always like cockpit layouts, especially the giant spacious cockpits with a great view.

The origin of the word "cockpit"?

Here are my votes for the top cockpits in American aircraft:

C-130 - The Lockheed Hercules (the “herky bird”) has a amazing cockpit. They are still in use today, and have a great field of vision.

C-130 cockpit, amazing visibility

The Spruce Goose – Howard Hughes giant transport had a custom cockpit designed by Howard himself:

Howard spent a fortune designing the cockpit

B36 - The B-36 was the world’s largest bomber, a xx engine pusher, with optional jets. I got a change to go inside a B-36 fuselage in Socorro New Mexico, and the view is amazing. It’s like a B-29, except twice as large.

The B-36 Cockpit - all-around visibility