Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Drinks at the Copenhagen Ice Bar

The latest "cool" fad for young folks is a visit to the “ice bar”, a place to chill-out and have a few drinks. We visited the ice bar in Copenhagen, great fun.

Ice bars are the latest fad in Europe

The drinks are served in ice cups, and don’t throw them away, as they cost $10 each to replace!

Ice drinks served in ice cups!

Is the ice bar the wave of the furure?

A frosty reception at the ice bar

The ice bar is sponsored by a vodka dealer, but sponsorship is not required as the ice bar appears to be self supporting! The ice bar in Copenhagen cost about $100 for two people, two drinks each.

They throw animal skins on the seats, which are a tad hard, but what do you expect for ice?

Seats at the ice bar are hard as ice

They also have an Ice hotel in nearly Sweden, for those who want the frosty experience above the Arctic Circle.

The ice hotel in Sweden - No half naked Swede babes here

The proponents claim that the ice bar and ice hotel concept is taking off, but time will tell if the ice bars get a frosty reception in America. They just opened a ice bar in Orlando, a nice place to chill out on a hot afternoon.

See my full notes on the Ice bar phenomenon.