Monday, October 27, 2008

Eating guinea pigs

Eating guinea pigs is not for the squeamish, but any old redneck who has eaten squirrel and possum should have no trouble eating guinea pigs when visiting Peru and Ecuador:

For peak flavor, get them before rigor mortis kicks in

Eating a guinea pig requires that you disassociate yourself from the obvious body parts and try not to think about the specific part of the guinea pig that you are eating.

When eating a guinea pig you see an amazing transformation. Some restaurants have a “Cuy” (pronounced coo-ey) pen where you can pick out your very own dinner:

Before: Cute and furry:

Just a few minutes later, he is transformed into a eating delight, crispy on the outside and juicy inside:

After: Crispy and delicious

It’s sort of like eating squirrel, served in its own body:

Country gals love fresh squirrel

See my full note here on eating guinea pigs.