Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Royal Carribbean cruises bans wafer steaks!

We have been on three Royal Caribbean cruises so far this year, and the main dining area has become a joke.

Because of their super-great bargain prices, the cruise lines have begun catering to the working-class redneck (see my notes on redneck cruising), and you have to rely on their extra-cost restaurants for “fine” dining, while the main dining areas serve “pretend” fine food with crawdads and wafer steaks masquerading as surf and turf:

The Waffle House wafer steak, a Bill Clinton favorite

Well, Royal Caribbean has changed their ways!

The consumerist notes that Royal Caribbean is replacing their Waffle House style cheapo steaks with edible meat, and a $14.95 surcharge in the main dining rooms!

No mo' nasty wafer steaks!

At last, Black Angus steaks. It’s still not USDA meat (I I’ll go to their extra cost “chops” steakhouse anyway), but it’s getting better. With cruising now becoming a blue-collar activity, expect more surcharges items for luxury items which were one de-rigueur a few decades ago . . .
“As always, the surcharges are entirely your fault. Cruise lines complain that you gluttonous cruisers are demanding more choices. Your steak needs to be natural, or organic, or whatever—you don't care as long as it's more expensive than the "variety meats" the rest of the floating swines are feasting on.

Or, as we still can't believe a Celebrity Cruises VP once said: "When people go on vacation, they want to spend money."”

By the way, there are only two more October sailings this year for the Grandeur of the Seas 5-day Bermuda cruise, the best bargain afloat, under $600 each for a full 5-day cruise.

The Grandeur is perfect for the redneck honeymoon