Monday, October 20, 2008

Indian pan flute bands invade Europe

The summer of 2008 saw a massive exodus of phony Indians, invading almost all of the major European cities! Here are some fake Indians in Belfast:

A little something from every tribe!

We encountered phony Indian's in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin and Belfast, and they appear to have the same outfitters, as they all have the same native American crap, skulls, dream catchers, you name it. Most of it looks like it came from a Stuckey's in Arizona. . .

Evidently, Europeans love this crap.

As for the phony Indians, imagine the Frito Bandito, wearing a Sioux head dress, banging on an Inuit drum, doing a Hopi dance, all of the tune of Peruvian Inca flute song!

Since when are flutes a native Ameroican instrument?

Words cannot describe these goofs. You can hear the racket blocks away, long before you see the fake Indians. The cheesy phony "Indian" music sounded like Zamfir's playing his pan flute on Peyote, amplified to 2,000 decibels, truly offensive at every conceivable level. The sound makes your ears bleed.

I grew up in New Mexico which is one-third Indian, and I'm 1/8 Cherokee myself. I know an Indian when I see one, and this ain't no Indian.

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