Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Eating krill

Plankton and krill are a favorite food of whales, but I had never eaten them until we visited our business associates in Holland.

They call the krill “baby shrimp”, and serve them on a half avocado with a dollop of seasoned mayonnaise.

Our serving had hundreds of these tiny shrimp, like tiny worms:

It tastes delicious, but it helps to have a few drinks first. Dutch shrimp have a bit more of a “fishy” flavor than larger shrimp, but these tiny sea bugs are hard to become accustomed to, especially since they look very similar to maggots.

Speaking of maggots - errata

In a previous blog entry I noted how we clean out maggots from open wounds on our livestock, and I got chastised by several vets who note that maggots are a great natural benefit to untreated wounds. They keep the wound clean by eating the pus a win-win for all. In fact, during the Civil War many soldiers were kept alive with the deliberate application of maggots.

Despite their looks, maggots are our friend.