Friday, December 18, 2009

Albuquerque’s fortified wines

I was in Funchal recently and I saw a poster with this picture on a poster proclaiming how Francisco Albuquerque has won many awards for his fortified wines.

Albuquerque is named “fortified wine maker of the year”

Albuquerque is quite proud of his fortified wines, and they are quite different from American fortified wines:

American fortified wines are not for the gourmet

American fortified wines have classy names like night train, T-bird and wild Irish rose.

They are classified as “bum” wines, maybe because they taste like ass?

Bum wines: taste like ass

Albuquerque wines are made from local grapes, and there are vineyards everywhere:

Madeira vineyards

They were giving away free samples, and since American fortified wines cost less than gasoline, we did not have high expectations.

We are not “winers” (oenophiles), but we know what we like, and we did not care for Albuquerque’s wine, and while we don’t agree that Albuquerque sucks, the Albuquerque wine was sweet and left a mighty nasty aftertaste:

We work with computers, so if we had to choose a fortified wine, I would go with one that has a high-tech name, like this one:

A high tech fortified wine

At least Funchal is beautiful: