Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teaching children how to despise

I have been going soft, becoming too tolerant of despicable people. I have seen the error of my ways and I have repented, and I’m working hard to be a more intolerant person.

Whether you call it intolerance, loathing or despising, role models need to set an example, especially today when young people have confused tolerance with tacit approval, and they have completely forgotten how to despise and loathe people.

I discovered this when I was discussing the capture of Roman Polanski, the fugitive child rapist who was allowed to escape justice in France for decades.

I was thrilled to hear that we finally re-captured Roman Polanski for his disgusting drugging and rape of a 13 year old child. I’m also disgusted that France would not have a problem sheltering a pedophile rapist.

Numerous studies have shown that child molesters can never be reformed, and I have to wonder how many French kids Polanski raped while fleeing from justice?

I was not surprised to hear on CNN that fellow child diddler Woody Allan has come out to support Polanski.

Pervs of a feather flock together

Why all good Americans despise France

Americans hatred of France is nothing new, it began in the 1960's when France hoarded American Silver Certificates and demanded that President Kennedy exchange them for real silver, an attack that was designed to destroy the American Economy.

In response to this French attack, President Kennedy responded that he would be glad to exchange the notes, as soon as the French cowards re-paid their war debt from WWII!

Speaking of WWII, Andy Rooney wrties about the cowardice of the French surrender:

“The French lost WW II to the Germans in about 20 minutes.

Along with the British, we got into the war and had about 150,000 guys killed getting their country back for them.”

Today, France helps give safe harbor to fugitive American murders, rapists and pedophiles.

France is committing an act of war against America, and we need to respond in-kind.

Nuke 'em till they glow

Since the French like child molesters and killers so much, I propose that we empty our prisons of sex offenders and dump them on the beaches at Normandy, where they will assimilate and improve the bloodlines of the indigenous French guttersnipes.

Why can't American's agree on what is Evil?

Last week, President Obama said in his Nobel Prize speech that “evil does exist in this world”. I’m really glad to see that Obama has recognized the nature of evil, but Obama was quick to say that while al qaeda and the taliban is evil, true Islam is a peaceful religion.

This statement prompted a strong response from the right wingers, and on CNN I saw the Reverend Billy Graham’s son saying that true Islam is a “wicked” religion, citing that Islam cannot be practiced in America since polygamy, beating your wives and conducting honor killings are all criminal offenses.

That's just what America needs right now, a second Crusade . . . .

Some Christians say that true Islam is evil

I don't know whether Islam is evil or not, that's not my point. The point is that today's young people are not recognizng evil when they see it.

I recently had a chat with one of my employees who is attending graduate school, a most enlightening experience, since college kids know everything about everything, and I always come-away learning something new from these highly educated neophytes.

I became alarmed when my young charge informed me that even a 13-year old girl can flaunt her goods and “ask for it”. Never mind that she testified at Polanski’s trial that she was drugged and savagely raped by Polanski.

I have a healthy disrespect for Polanski, but I wondered, how has society taught this young man to be tolerant of child molesters and rapists, and if so, how does this happen?

If we don’t teach our kids to despise perverts, where will they learn it?

I have a theory that parents do not set a strong enough example and children never see their parents openly despise people.

In order for any civilized society to enforce its social mores, it’s not enough just to talk about despising perverts and criminals; we must openly despise them wherever we find them. Of course, it was no surprise that fellow pervert Woody Allen has come-out in support of Roman Polanski.

I’m happy to see that some people still know how to despise perverts:

Let the punishment fit the crime

Personally, I want child molesters locked up for life, and I would like to see Woody Allan and Roman Polanski tossed into the general population of any state prison without any possibility of parole. I’m sure that somebody will give these pedophiles a taste of what it feels like to be raped! Don’t bend over in the shower, Roman!

And I had to wonder, have I become too tolerant of despicable people? Read here why we must teach our children how to despise those who violate social norms.