Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dressing a rabbit

Every country boy learns how to dress a rabbit. Dad takes them hunting and they learn to kill them, peel the skin from their bodies and spill out their steaming guts, great fun for the whole family.

It's sad that the skill of dressing a rabbit has been lost on today’s youngsters, and the problem is with our tree-hugger society.

If you took your 7 year old child hunting and forced him to kill Thumper, the PETA hippies would be outraged. And if you made junior gut him and peel the skin off of his fuzzy face, you would probably go to jail for child abuse. It’s kinda sad.

I was at a market recently where you could buy rabbits live, dressed, or ready to eat, your choice:

Folks still eat these things

My parents knew how to milk a cow, how to pluck a chicken and how to dress a rabbit, but after thousands of years, mine is the first generation to lose these essential survival skills.

The interweb is weird; you get bizarre images like these when searching for how to dress a rabbit:

Some people are too weird, dressing their rabbits:

Designer dresses for rabbits? That’s sick:

And this perv below, dressing his rabbit replete with a gay hat. If you look closely, his hands appear like he is also molesting the poor rabbit:

But this is what a real dressed rabbit looks like:

I also saw some dressed goats at the market:

Dressing a rabbit is easier than it looks, it’s really easy to get the fur off with a few hard tugs and after you slit the throat and open-up the belly, the innards slide right out!