Monday, December 14, 2009

Barraca Abana <> Barrack Obama

Janet and I have been vacationing on the island of Madeira, an equatorial island off of the west coast of Africa, a tropical paradise where the mountains thrust thousands of feet into the sky:

I was passing a building and I noticed something unusual, a dog walking on a rooftop!

I whipped out my camera but I almost missed him, but I did get a good view of the south end of a north bound roof dog:

But when I zoomed back on my camera I noticed a strange saying painted on the roof, saying:

até a barraca abana

Does this have something to do with Barrack Obama?

Now you must admit that Barraca Abana sounds a lot like Barrack Obama, and I wondered if they are related!

I Asked a local and they said that the saying is a “joke” and Barraca Abana has nothing to do with president Barrack Obama. Rather, it means “shaky shack”, something to do with a commentary of today’s tough economic times!

Anyway, it’s sunny and warm, and we love it here, definitely coming back to paint some of these gorgeous landscapes: