Monday, December 21, 2009

How to make frog legs move!

On summer nights in NC It’s always fun to send the young’ins out into the woods at night with only a burlap bag, a flashlight and a sharpened broomstick.

When you shine the flashlight on ole Mr. frog, he will freeze-up, and you can stab him til he croaks.

In just a few hours your kiddies have a bagful of tasty treats, fresh frog legs that still move for hours after being killed!

Cooking croak monsieur

Frogs legs are great fun to watch because they dance in the frying pan when you cook them, but if you want some real fun, just drizzle some salt water over the frog legs before serving and watch them twitch on your dinner plate!

Making little kids eat frogs is hard, and anything that you can do to make it fun is appreciated, especially when they can see their frogs legs move on the dinner plate! It’s like eating the frog alive!

Kids just love this trick, try it and listen to them squeal with glee: