Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday tipping guide at a country club

It’s that time of year again where everybody comes a pandering with their hands out, saying "God Bless You”, and telling you how much they enjoyed serving you this year.

I've seen holiday country club tipping etiquette that recommends tipping everybody from the sommelier to the club shoeshine boy, but unconditional tipping in a country club is never a good idea.

If you are new to a country club, remember that you are setting a precedent for your tips, and resist the temptation to over-tip. Remember, you may be with these country club people for decades, and if you tip your club caddy $100 this year, you are locked-in to that amount evey year hence!

There is a protocol to tipping at a country club, like the rule that don't tip cash to your country club manager. But there are lots more country club tip guidelines, see my notes on tipping at Christmas at a Country Club