Monday, December 28, 2009

Eating fetal foods

Just last month scientists announced the successful laboratory creation of real muscle tissue, and created real pork in a Petri dish.

This is not artificial pork, its real pork, meat that is made without killing any animals!

With this new wave of biomaterial tissue engineering (BTE), we are now seeing the advent of unborn meat products, new meat products that have never lived, and never been born.

Eating baby animals

Any honest carnivore will tell you that they love baby animals, and society has no objections to serving-up newborn critters. We all enjoy dining on calves liver, baby lamb and milk-fed veal, and foreigners eat newborn baby octopus, quite tasty:

So, if American love baby critters, is it a big stretch for them to eat unborn animals?

Eating Fetal Meats: No Fetus can beat us!

Anybody who has ever eaten a hard-boiled egg has eaten an embryo, and if Americans can be conditioned to eat something that’s been shat from a chicken, then why not try eating other fetal foods?

Mexico - Mexican Moms have a party where they serve-up a steaming chile stew made with Mom's afterbirth. Some foreigners will eat anything, and as proof, here is a recipe for human placenta sausage.

Philippines - Filipino folks love their Balut, the delicious duck embryo's, served almost ready to hatch, with yummy feet, beaks and feathers inside:

Placenta helper

In the world of animals, almost all new moms chow-down on their placentas, a mechanism to prevent predators from smelling the fresh blood, it's called placentophagy, and it's all natural, just like these human examples of fetus feasting.

A Cat eating her afterbirth

But what about eating human abortions?

What an abortion

Abortions may be good for more than just stem cells, they could also be a tasty treat, as in this report from China where they claim that people eat human aborted fetuses!!

Human fetus stir fry: It’s what’s for dinner

Now that you are sufficiently horrified, please note that this is a web hoax, where a whacky Chinese guy made a fake “fetus” from a plastic baby doll!

To see more horrifying pictures, please read my full notes here how eating unborn meat foods is the wave of the future.