Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shoes with Spats are back in fashion!

What’s old is new again, and the Roaring 20’s “Gatsby” look is back!

Every generation has teenagers who try to be shocking to their parents, and the roaring 20’s was no exception, with their shocking funky hats, spats and greasy hair helmets.

My Dad was a teenager in the 1920’s, and he once showed me how to use Pomade (Bear grease), wax paper and an “iron”, to melt this sticky crap into your hair, creating a super-shiny hair helmet that outraged the parents of the day.

The 1920' look is coming back into fashion!

I like the new Gatsby hats (sometimes called ”newsboy” hats).

I just got a really nice Gatsby hat from Stetson, the Rolls Royce of hats sold by haberdashers. It cost me a C note, but it’s real 1920’s stylin:

Are spats next?

Janet and were in Monaco recently and I noticed an odd fellow in a Monte Carol casino who was wearing spats!

Janet in front of the Monte Carlo Casino

Even the movie stars are wearing spats now, it looks like 1920’s fashion is coming back into style!

Spats are not just for French people and homos anymore

You don’t see people wearing spats much anymore, except in military color guards.

Maybe it’s time to bring back the timeless elegance of spats.

Nothing says more about your personality than your choice of shoes, and I’ve noticed that the “Gatsby hats” are back in style, so why not spats?