Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maryland policeman pulls gun on motorcyclist

This Maryland police officer is my hero, risking his life to save lives . . .

Anthony Graber was driving his motorcycle like a maniac, passing on the right, speeding at over 80 MPH and trying to pass people on a one lane ramp!

Fortunately, and alert plain-clothes policeman interceded and probably saved lives by stopping the asswipe.

This officer took a great risk, and deserves recognition. If this had happened in North Carolina where everybody is packing a gun, somebody might have assumed that he was a carjacker and shot him on sight.

Here is the Real picture of the policeman stopping the public menace:

Graber knew this man was a police officer before he pulled his gun

Asswipe Tony Graber claims that there was no marked car, but at 3:00 into his own tape, a marked car can be clearly seen, lights flashing, siren screaming. Graber is a liar.

Based on his own video, the public was in imminent danger and the police would have been justified in shooting him off the road. That would have made a more entertaining video.

Graber posted the whole thing on Youtube and now faces 5 years in prison for illegal audio recording without consent, a felony! Here is the shocking video, sans the felonious audio:

I hope Tony Graber gets the maximum sentence and tossed from the military with a dishonorable discharge because of his felony.

This prick could have killed somebody.