Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Neurological disorders in elderly chickens!

We have a nine year old rooster with a bizarre neurological disorder.

Nine years is about 100 years old in chicken years, a mighty long life for a rooster, and he shows his age, suffering from a senility most fowl. . . .

As a general rule, chickens normally don’t live long enough to grow senile:

Over 99.9% of male chickens die within two hours of being born, being tossed alive into a grinder:

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

This ancient rooster has very little balance and we constantly find him laying on his side, thrashing!

last week Janet found him lying in the chicken “dusting hole” feet-up!

She thought he was dead, and went to toss him onto poo mountain, a traditional chicken funeral, but he was quite alive and greatly relieved to be rescued.

We suspect that his disorder may be from childhood trauma from sexual abuse:

Treatment for chicken senile demential

We had our veterinarian over to the ranch and we asked about the treatment for an elderly chicken with a neurological disorder.

He recommended treating him with a basting of BBQ sauce . . .

Eventually, we all know that ole Mr Rooster will go to the great broaster in the sky: