Thursday, April 22, 2010

The world’s best sleight of hand artist

Last week we took Jen3 and her husband David to see Penn & Teller live in Las Vegas, and even with close-up seats we could not see his lightening fast moves, quite impressive . . .

They have a great presentation of phony psychics and how to do Cold Readings.

Poor Jen3 waited for 15 minutes to get her picture taken with them after the show, but her camera had dead batteries! Bummer Dude . . .

Janet with Penn & Teller

Today, many people praise Penn Jilette (Penn & Teller) for being the best sleight of hand artist, but in the olden days, it was the Great Cardini.

The Great Cardini

Below is Richard Pitchford (“The Great Cardini”) performing his amazing “intoxicated English gentleman” routine.

He is considered the best the world has ever seen for sleight of hand.

He practiced his moves while sitting in the trenches in WWI.

Watch carefully and notice that he has nothing up his sleeve . . .