Monday, April 05, 2010

The secret Garden of Grand Turk

The secret garden on Grand Turk is alive and well, and Ramona is still serving-up the best chow on the island.

Ths secret garded is unmarked and hidden by lush vegetation.

Erika and Zeus and busy fixing things up, and the mosquitoes from the salina will eat you alive, so make sure to being your netting and bug spray!

At the restaurant, you can still hear the incessant “Bang! Bang! Bang!” as the cooks pounding the Conch, the local giant sea snails.

Erika, the proprietor, helps keep the Grand Turk secret garden a secret from the throngs of tourists that piur off of the cruise ships each week.

They have the texture of an inner tube, and it is only though hammering them that they become edible . . .

Critters of all kind wander through the restaurant, it;s one of Noel's favorite places for dining with doggies . . .

The secret garden is still crawling with cats, and the potcakes come and go, begging for scraps.

They are well trained though, and Erika command Tripod (the 3-legged potcake) to wait outside, and he dutifully went and stood at the gate!

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