Monday, April 12, 2010

Tomatoes Poison Dogs

Tomatoes are poisonous to dogs, and it’s funny because they know it!

When Burger King had one dollar whoppers on sale, I would buy a sack for the dogs, and I was amazed at the dogs natural aversion to tomatoes.

Tomatoes are toxic to dogs

These are Rottweiler’s who can eat a whopper in one bite, and they literally shake with excitement!

But instead of wolfing down their whopper, they daintily set it down, remove the top bun, carefully lift off the tomatoes slices, and then devour it in about three nanoseconds.

If you feed your dog a whopper, hold the tomatoes!

But there is no doubt that tomatoes are poisionous to dogs.

Evidently, tomatoes are very poisonous to dogs because they contain oxalates, which trigger nervous system seizures and heart arrhythimia.