Saturday, July 10, 2010

Airline carrion luggage may not contain maggots

This USA Today article notes that maggots are not allowed in airline “carrion” luggage.

Evidently, some moron managed to get a suitcase full of decomposing meat past TSA, and once it was placed into the aircraft overhead luggage storage, maggots started dropping out onto the passengers!

For some reason, the plane was re-routed back the the gate . . . .

The truth about maggots

Maggots are much maligned and misunderstood!

I used to pick them out of festering wounds on my livestock, but I've learned that these cute little worms are actually beneficial little puss-eaters, and you should leave them be!

In an infected wound, maggots will help the wound heal by eating-up all of the dead white cell waste (puss).

Even in the Civil War (Fredericksburg Virginia), soldier were surprised that many of their fellow soldiers survived solely because maggots kept their wounds clean.

Even in WWII, US doctors deliberately placed maggots onto infected wounds and saved the limbs of several airmen.

Remember, maggots are our friends: