Thursday, July 15, 2010

The World's Best Frito Pie Recipe

When many people think about Fritos, they think about "Frito Feet", a common disorder in dogs that makes their feet smell Fritoey . . . .

In one of our upcoming installments, I will explore the problem of "Frito Feet" in dogs, but for now, let's look at how to make a gourmet Frito pie . . . . .

Frito feet are a real problem for dogs

The Best Frito Pie Recipe!

Many city folks don't know how to make a Frito Pie, a great southern delicacy. . . .

The Frito pie is a blue collar delicacy that I like every bit as much as a fancy lobster tail, and properly prepared, a Frito Pie is a thing of great beauty.

The trick is to only use real Fritos, accept no substitutes . . . .

A fresh Frito Pie is truly awesome

When I was a kid in Albuquerque, they had a huge brouhaha because the school cafeteria was calling their menu item a “Frito Pie” even though they could not afford real Frito’s and they were using crappy corn chip substitutes.

They were forced to change the name opf the Frito-less concoction to a more appropriate name of “corn chip pie”.

Interestingly, the Albuquerque Public Schools were also caught serving horse meat to their students . . .

Frito Pie Classic

Some of the classier establishments will serve the Frito Pie hot and fresh, right out it's own bag.

This is the redneck equivalent to cfefs who present lobsters or scallop, served-p in their own shell:

Some Top Frito Chefs will serve up a Frito Pie in it's own bag

Here are the ingredients for making Frito Pie:

- Bag of Frito’s
- Finely chopped Onions
- Finely shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
- Canned Chili (no beans)
- Jalapeno peppers or Slim Jim’s for fancy garnishes

IMPORTANT TIP: Always serve a Frito Pie immediately after pouring on the hot Chili.

Remember, NEVER allow the Frito’s to get soggy, as they turn into an inedible mush.