Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Impeach Robert E. Blackburn

I will never understand why the founding fathers felt that Federal judges should be appointed.

Affiming the "Right to Lie"

This is absolutely outrageous, a dimwitted Federal judge who should be impeached for incompetence.

This man has ruled on what is being called the "right to lie", disgracing American servicemen who have fought and died for their personal honor and valor.

Who appoints incompetent Federal Judges?

I have met several Federal judges socially in my life and I was left scratching my head at how they ever got to be judges.

I remember dining with two Federal judges on a cruise and I was genuinely scared for the future of our Federal Government.

This is yet another affirmation of my concerns about the legal ability of the Federal judiciary.

In a rambling and incoherent ruling by the dimwitted Robert E. Blackburn, we see even more reason why Federal Judges should be elected, and never appointed.

Judge for yourself, is this the work of an intelligent man?

""that the people of this nation continue to revere our brave military men and women regardless of – or perhaps even more so because of – false and vainglorious attempts to appropriate such accolades."

Need more evidence? Just look at Judge Blackburn:

Impeach Judge Blackburn

Note his goofy slanted smile and silly bow tie.

In my experience, people with insecurity about their intelligence will often compensate for it my using props like bow ties. It's a common technique used by dullards who want to appear erudite.

Is it just me, or does it look like judge cannot spell his own name?

Here is a cropped image of his signature, and it looks like "Blackbum":

Robert E. Blackbum?

Every resident of Denver should be very ashamed to have elected this fool.

Let’s hope that the Colorado state legislature will move quickly to impeach this horrible disgrace of a judge.