Saturday, July 17, 2010

India uses Pyramid Power for traffic control!

I cannot believe how naïve some foreigners can be, believing in all sorts of "junk science" like healing pyramids:

Pyramids: The secret power of the ancients?

I’ve only seen the ridiculous “power” pyramids in Sedona where the burnt-out hippies sell them.

I was under the impression that you had to lose at least 25% of your brain cells from a bad batch of Orange Sunshine to believe this crap, but I was wrong!

Here's proof! The pyramid research kit!

For those who are sceptical of pyramids, look at this, a pyramid “research” kit (1), perfect for foreigners and hippies to need to conslusively prove the power of their pyramids:

Pyramid kit emits high levels of "life energy"

(1) hippie not included

“These precision made pyramid generators use advanced alloys and antenna design to collect and radiate high levels of Life Energy.”

Pyramid Power being deployed in India

People from India believe in pyramid power too, just like hippies!

Indian police use Pyramid Science.

“The department is convinced placing 'pyramidical structures' at the centre of each crossing will result in positive energy circulating in the area and reduction of mishaps.”

That’s right campers, Indian police are using “Pyramid Science”.

And remember, these are the same people who we give Visa’s to come to America because of their superior science skills (I aways wondered why studies show that many Indian H1-B Visa holders have fake science credentials).

I truly wish this was a joke, but it’s quite real:

"A pyramid has a positive energy and it is a proven fact. What needs to be seen is how a pyramid is going to help prevent road mishaps."

Via J-Walk