Sunday, July 11, 2010

Does Pork promote fast wound healing?

It’s funny how some fatty foods like pork are condemned as being bad for you, while the truth is that Pork has been well-known for its curative powers for centuries.

My Great Grandpa Jonathan Hardister was “gut shot” at the battle of Gettysburg in 1963, and he claimed that the only reason he was able to heal–up fast was by eating massive amounts of pork.

Back before antibiotics, your main concern was keeping the wound free of infection, and then the goal was to heal up fast.

Of course, there are people who will tell you to have your dog lick your wound to promote quick healing . . . .

Pig DNA is so closely related to human DNA that they are using pig parts in human heart transplants, and it makes sense that a high Pork diet helps is tissue regeneration!

When we butcher a pig, we use everything but the squeal:

With Pork, use everything but the squeal

The Healing Powers of Pork

I tend to get my skin ripped open a lot and I’ve written about tricks for stitching and cauterizing you own wounds.

Few people know that ordinary super-glue is the exact same stuff as the expensive Dermabond glue that is used by professional surgeons.

I’m not known for my agility, and I recently had to get more than two feet of my skin removed and stitched up!

Skin tears requires extensive stitching

There is that old saying “don’t pop your stitches”, but there is some truth to it, since popped stitches suck!

Actually, it was my fault, I should never have been playing golf with such a big chunk of my own skin all sewn up . . .

Incidentially, it;s not the stitches that pop, it's the meat. The stitching line is a heavy 60 pound test fishing line, and the stitches held fine.

Instead, it was the meat that cut loose, not the stitches!

Below, you can see the stitches glistening in the wound, pulled-up as tight as banjo strings:

"Popped stitches" are really popped meat

Now I have this hole in me, and I’m using an old fashioned country remedy to heal it up fast.

When it comes to healing, you cannot beat a pork diet.

Pork has very similar DNA to humans, plus it’s quite tasty!

There is no question; Pork is a “power food” that helps promote fast healing of wounds.

See here for more details on authentic pork of North Carolina and the natural curative powers of pork on tissue regeneration.