Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cauterizing your own wounds

Here in North Carolina, the illegal aliens know that the emergency rooms cannot refuse to treat them, and it can take all day to get treatment at an emergency room because it is always clogged with indigent scumbags.

Instead of spending all day in the emergency room, I treat myself whenever I can.

I know how to set a broken bone, and I have stitched myself up many times.

You can stitch up a wound yourself with fishing line and a sewing needle

It’s sad, that folks with medical insurance must resort to self-help while welfare dirtbags clog the emergency rooms with hangnails and sniffles.

Do it yourself wound closing

Closing up a gaping wound is tricky if you don't have anyone to help you. You must pinch the would shut with one hand, while stitching with the other hand, it takes coordination.

You can buy silver nitrate cauterization applicators on Amazon, and they are great for healing nosebleeds and sealing wounds. It's the exact same way an ENT physician will fix a nosebleed, but faster and cheaper. (My ENT charges $275 per visit!)

Using silver nitrate is far less painful that cauterizing a nosebleed with a soldering iron, and you don't get that smell of burning hair and meat.

Silver Nitrate, just like the doctor uses.

You can also buy Dermabond to seal-up open wounds, the same stuff that doctors use.

I love Dermabond, it’s far less painful than stitching yourself with a needle and thread.