Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Waterspouts at sea!

I was recently in Northwestern Italy, sunny and warm, while the snow files at home, quite nice. The tourists are long gone, and most people thinks it's cold here, but it's delightful!

We were at the seaside village of La Spezia, quite scenic:

La Spezia Italy in the dead of winter

Nearly we visited Carrara, the home of Carrara marble. Carara is amazing, it looks like snow on the Alps, but it’s the marble mines.

The town is full or marble stores too, and you can buy some marble chunks that are the size of a truck!

Carrara Italy, nested at the foot of the Alps

Carrara Marble is the best anywhere and it was used for Michelangelo’s David. You can still buy blocks of Carrara Marble, and some of it comes in rare colors:

That's not snow, it's the marble mines of Carrara

Where the mountain meet the sea you often get bizarre and unpredictable weather, and where the Alps meet the ocean and the weather called for tornadoes.

Instead of tornadoes, I got some great shots of a waterspout at sea.

It only lasted about 60 seconds, but it was quite majestic!