Monday, February 22, 2010

Funny military uniforms!

On the streets of New York I see lots of bizarre military uniforms from foreigners on shore leave, and I think that they know that their uniforms are ridiculous looking!

Panty hose and clown shoes do not make for macho soldiers

You would be surprised how a few snickers will send them scurrying off . . .

Khadafi is the poster child for funny military uniforms, wearing a uniform that only a Libyan would find attractive:

Creepy man in creepy uniform

No discourse on funny uniforms would be complete without the Shah of Iran’s ridiculous uniform:

It’s funny how this is relevant 30 years later with a nuclear Iran . . .

Canadian sailor hats make me laugh. I know it’s rude but I can’t help myself, they are just too funny looking:

And the German Army hats are quite funny with the foot long brims:

But the non-males in the military have funny uniforms too . . .

Funny uniforms for non-males in the military

The frumpy uniforms for women in the military should be abolished, even hot girls look ugly in uniform.

It's funny to see Pakistani Burka babes in military uniforms

The funny female navy uniforms should be replaced with more attractive sailor uniforms:

No more funny uniforms for female sailors

Men and women have different uniforms, so it makes sense that if butt pirates and carpet munchers are ever allowed into the military, we can expect that homosexuals and transvestites in the military will be given their own distnctive uniforms.

Rump Rangers in Uniform

After Michael Patrick McManus was arrested for wearing an Army general uniform, it became clear that fudgepackers love dressing up in military uinforms.

With a loudly vocal minority championing for gays in the military, I wonder what a gay military uniform would look like?

Would transvestites in the armed forces wear skirts with their uniforms, like British soldiers?

This old guy has is a totally gay uniform:

If gays get allowed into the navy, I wonder if gays in the Navy might adopt equally gay looking uniforms? Imagine, this could be the new Naval dress uniform:

The “Rump Ranger”, a new Navy uniform for homos