Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Epic beard man identified as Thomas Bruso!

It all started this morning when a hate crime occurred on a bus in Oakland California, one of the most deadly towns in America.

Thug on a bus

A thug on a bus in Oakland California savagely attacked a 67 year old elderly man, only to find that his victim fought back, and the thug got the crap kicked out of him!

The victim is now known as EBM, for Epic Beard Man! Yes, truly epic . .

The elderly fellow had already retreated from a barrage of racial slurs and moved to the front of the bus for safety when he took a punch to the face from a thug standing over him (who was much larger than him).

But EBM (real name Tom Bruso) had taken enough abuse! He had the courage to stand up and beat the crap out of the criminal thug, sending him to the hospital!

The un-named thug, awaiting arrest by police for comitting a hate crime

The old man’s real name is Thomas Bruso, now known as EBM, for Epic Beard Man!

It's only been a few hours and EBM is already famous, check out his Epic Beard Man facebook page.

Battery and Theft

To add insult to injury, while the elderly man was trying to run from his attacker, a fellow bus passenger stole his bag. They have a photo of her friend:

Help the police catch the woman who stole his bag

Well, Tom Bruso will soon be famous, they already did up the fight as a Mortal Kombat game sim with him!

In case you are only only person in America who has not seen the original fight, here it is.

This is very disturbing, the worst kind of racially-motivated hate crime. The elderly man is cornered by racists who mock him, film his beating for their own amusement and then steal his property.

WARNING: Video contains naughty words, racial slurs, NSFW:

Anybody who hits an elderly man should be jailed for a long, long time, no excuses.

Let’s hope that Thomas Bruso gets justice. . . .

This thug and the lady who stole his bag should rot in prison.