Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stolen Valor arrests!

To protect the integrity of the US Military, President Bush signed the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 into law on December 20, 2006. Since that time, it’s sad that there have only been a few arrests.

UPDATE: Hero poser Michael McManus has been arrested b y the FBI!

I detest posers of all kinds, but I especially hate fake military heroes, the lowest form of poser scum. My father was a disabled veteran who practically lived in a VA hospital, and during my visits I was lucky enough to chat with real-deal heroes.

The Stolen Valor Act is America's revenge against those small-dicked losers who wear medal they did not earn, and the FBI needs to step-up arrests. It’s time to stop allowing cowardly pricks who disgrace our real American heroes.

I understand that the FBI thinks that fighting posers is not as important as fighting terrorism, but I was hoping to find more than a handful of arrests under the Stolen Valor act.

If you know anyone who has made false claims of valor, contact the FBI immediately and report it to the powned network.

You are powned!

The pown Network web site has a list of heroes or villains? and they are tracking arrests under the Stolen valor act. It turns out that a lot of the stolen valor arrests are old men with very small dicks, like Curtis Barger below:

Big medals don't compensate for small dicks

The guys at powned network are my heroes, volunteers who are working hard to expose stolen valor.

Alan Macintosh Before: Fake Hero!

Alan Macintosh After: Real Inmate!

Recent arrests under the Stolen Valor Act

This page lists arrests under the Stloen Valor Act and it highlights those caes that have been prosecuted under the Stolen valor act.

Our first douchebag is Rees Barr. Here he is wearing a fake distinguished service medal, a phony silver star and a fake bronze star:

Loser poser Rees Barr

Below is a a retired Coast Guard asswipe (Tom Barnhart), posing as a Navy Seal . He pleaded guilty to two counts of violating the Stolen Valor Act for pretending to have been awarded the Silver Star.

This creep is obvious. Nobody his age gets that many ribbons.

There have been more poser arrests, like this dirtbag poser Marine

Crapbag Rick Glen Strandlof, arrested by the FBI for posing as a Marine

And this asswipe, David V. Weber, a lowly staff seargrant, posing as a general, wearing a fake legion or merit and a fake purple heart:

He is the very model of the poser major general

Inmate Xavier Alvarez
Phony Medal of Honor winner

The Stolen Valor act should also include generals and presidents, like MacArthur who got an undeserved medal of honor (for an act of cowardice at Bataan) and gave himself a distinguished flying cross for a single plane ride in Korea:

MacArthur also gave LBJ a Silver Star for taking a single airplane ride, and the disgusting president wore it proudly on his suit lapel!

LBJ proudly wearing his silver star ribbon that he knew he did not deserve

Stolen Valor: Still at large

On the most wanted list, we start with Michael Patrick McManus, a criminal who is still at-large, changed with violating the Stolen valor Act.

What a dirtbag, posing as a Army hero:

Poser Mike McManus: Wanted by the FBI

If you see McManus, he is neither armed nor dangerous.

In fact, he looks like a real pussy.

If you see Mike McManus, please report him to the FBI immediately, as there is a jail cell waiting for him . .