Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funny folk art examples!

Folk art (also called “primitive” art) is like modern art, it's all a scam . . ..

It’s all just crap that some talentless redneck made a long time ago.

Primitive art can date back to the Stone Age

If you substitute the words “crappy” for “primitive”, you can get the idea for fun folk art:

If it’s funny, old, ugly and made by a redneck, you call it “Folk Art”.

For example, here is a crappy redneck sampler from the 1700’s and it costs a fortune because it’s now “Folk art”:

A crappy 1700's sampler is worth thousands of dollars

It's not necessary to spend a fortune on funny folk art, you can make your own funny folk art.

I have a collection of funny folk art, and I especially love my collection of “Wooly Boogers”, upside-down deer’s asses:

Renowned redneck Travis carter is now selling funny folk art, his popular “Doe Bell”

You can get the female doorbell:

Or a male Doe Bell:

Imagine what you neighbors will say when they see your new doorbell

You cannot beat taxidermy as funny folk art, and I like this funny folk art taxidermy:

I also treasure my squirrel butt fine art, quite funny:

Your choice of art reveals your good breeding

You can also get this funny folk art in rat models:

Roadkill is also good for funny folk art:

Also, see my notes on funny folk art lawn ornaments.