Sunday, February 14, 2010

The World’s Best men's belt buckles

There are three web sources for men's custom belt buckles, suitable for the successful male professional:

- Saddlebags - Saddlebags in Scottsdale is one of the best sources that I’ve ever seen for custom belt buckles.

- Len Woods - A nice source for custom mens belt buckles

- James Reid - This fellow is a talented artist


Saddlebags started in the gift shop of the world renowned Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The belt buckle store later expanded into the Borgata Mall off of Scottsdale Road.

If you are even in Scottsdale, you have got to see this place, Saddlebags, the most amazing collection of custom belt buckles in the world!

The world's best custom belt buckles in solid Sterling silver and solid gold

They sell primarily to billionaires and celebrities and their buckles can cost upwards of 4 figures, but they are absolutely stunning!

Here is their catalog.

They have all custom belt buckles, all works of art, truly worthy of the discriminating professional:

Len Wood's Indian World

Another vendor is Len Wood's, vey nice custom ranger belt buckles:

Again, these belt buckles are not inexpensive but they drip good taste and they are the finest seller of belt buckles that I’ve found, anywhere in the world (*).

(*) I am in no way affiliated with Saddlebags, I just love their belt buckles!

David Dear Buckle #43 - 3/4 inches - $285

James Reid

James Reid has a great selected of custom buckles, a talented artist. I love this Joshua one:

Sterling-$480 Gold-$980