Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 sexual promiscuity statistics

It’s 2010, and the 1940 census will soon be public! Plus, the 2010 statistical abstract is out, complete with some great information in sexual promiscuity!

This article notes that men admit to having double the sexy-time partners than for women:

Male Promiscuity statistics:

- Male average lovers - Among men 15-44, the median number of sexual partners in their lifetimes is 5.4.

- Men who are promiscuous - Almost a quarter of men (22.6 percent) say they've had 15 or more partners.

Female Promiscuity statistics:

- Women average lovers - Among women, the median number of partners is 3.3

- Women who are promiscuous - Almost a tenth (9.2 percent) of women say they've had 15 or more partners. The question is, where do guys find these women?

These are interesting statistics because they touch on things that every person knows, but rarely shares.

How many lovers have you had?

They don’t want to admit it, but every man and women “notches their bedpost”, and people keep count how many lovers that have had. Except for crack whores, sex is a major life experience, and whether they admit it or not, everybody keeps track of their past sexual encounters!

Everybody notches their bedpost

But people tend to lie in surveys, especially about private matters like their lifetime number of sexual partners.

My first inclination is that people tend to lie about the extent of their sexual encounters, but these statistics don’t appear to be exaggerated.

Gary Trudeau has a nice commentary about sexual promiscuity in this weeks Sunday Doonesbury. Here, BD's wife Boopsie (Barbara Ann Boopstein) recounts her past sexual encounters and she keeps a souvenir of her sexual encounter: