Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Correlation between teat count and milk quality?

Some say that there is a direct correlation between the quality of the milk and the number of tits on the mammal:

- Horses - 2 boobs
- Cows - 4 boobs
- Cats - 8 boobs
- Dogs - 10 boobs
- Pigs – 12-14 boobs, depending on the species

But which way does the correlation go? Some doctors say that it's not natural to drink something that is squirted from from a critter with four tits:

Is less teats better, or are more teats required for better milk?

Most city folks have never tasted pork milk

This issue is a real titty twister, so let's take a closer look at both sides of this tit count theory.

The high tit count theory: The More the Merrier?

Advocates of the high tit theory argue that since cats have twice the tits of cows, so perhaps the milk is twice as good.

Cat's milk has great potential for new dairy products, with cat milk products like "Pussy Whip" and "I can't Believe it's Cat Butter":

They say that cat's milk is also high in butterfat:

(When the kittens are first born, pussy milk is high in fat, but it becomes more watery as time passes)

There is an old Southern insult that goes "He is as useless as tits on a boar pig", but what about using pig milk?

Pigs get as large as cows and with 12 tits, they could produce far more milk than cows . . .

Pigs never need a boob job

Pigs grow ad infinitum, and the famous half-ton "Hogzilla" was stealing fish food from a catfish farm, and he grew to be over 9 feet long:

The low tit count theory: Less is best?

Advocates of the low tit count theory say that the less teats the better the milk.

Horses have two tits just like humans and they say that horse milk products are therefore better:

Most people don’t know that a horse has two boobs, just like a human woman, but in a horse the boobs have shifted way back.

If humans women were build like horse mares they would look something like this: