Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What is patchouli?

This poster got me wondering what the word “patchouli” means?

What are patchoui-scented hippy twats?

Now you are probably wondering what patchouli is, and I discovered that Patchoui is a smelly herb that smells like hippie.

See my notes on ways to prevent hippies.

Hippie repellant

Evidently, patchouli oil is used by hippies in-lieu of bathing, sort of like those ethnic groups that pour on strong perfume to mask their fowl body odor.

The Dirty Hippie Song!

Patchouli is an annoying stank masking scent, and the formal definition of patchouli includes these slang terms:

- "Coward Shower"
- "Dopehead Dry-Clean"
- "Granola Grout"
- "Grateful Dread"
- "Hippie Stink"
- "Pseudo Bath"
- "Soap Substitute"