Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make it a felony to file false accusations

It took awhile, but Karma is catching up with Crystal Magnum, the skank who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse team of rape, hoping that her false charges would lead to some quick cash.

It's sickening that Magnum did no jail time for runing the lives of those honorable students, but she was arrested for assault this month and remains in the Durham jail on a million dollar bond!

Karma: Justice & punishment for ruining people's lives

That’s the problem with poor people and welfare moochers, they know that they can ruin people’s lives with free abandon and there are no real consequences for making false accusations and filing false charges.

Judgment proof people should be subject to arrest for making false accusations. Often, they only make false charges in hopes of suing any poor bastard who is unfortunate enough to be near them.

Justice for the Judgment Proof

Legally they are called "judgment proof", they cannot be sued in civil court because they own nothing, and hence are free to file false charges and libel people at-will.

People on the dole know that you cannot get blood from a turnip.

Below we see Judge Judy dish out some justice, but justice fails because the woman suffers no real consequences since the TV shows pays her judgement!

Please take a few minutes to watch this highly entertaining case of a horrible poor woman who filed a false report against a police officer.

This woman from Judge Judy belongs in prison for what she did. She almost ruined the hard-earned reputation of an honorable man, and she was not even sorry about it!

Please take the time to watch this video and listen carefuly to the woman’s self-entitled rationale for making the false allegations against the police officer.

WARNING: This video will leave you really pissed off.

The law needs to be changed to make false accusations of a felony a serious criminal offense.

Limit the self-entitlement of the poor

We need to make the poor understand that there are limits to their endless sense of self-entitlement

It’s not news that poor people have a sense of self-entitlement, and this extends beyond wanting government handouts. Many poor people truly believe that they have the right to accuse honorable people of anything they want.

This video makes me sick:

At least Karma caught up with Crystal Magnum, and she is in prison where she belongs for making false criminal accusations.

Please join me in lobbying congress to make it a Federal crime for anybody, regardless of income, to make false criminal accusations.