Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beware of military impostors in airports!

Queermo's hanging out in airports are nothing new, and I remember in the 1970’s when those Goddamn hairy krishna’s would loiter in airports with a dab of peanut butter on their foreheads, chanting and begging for handouts.

Why do they call them hairy krishnas when they are bald?

First it was beggars and con artists, and now we have to worry about military impostors in airports.

They come to collect free airline tickets, free drinks and meals, and in some cases, they have sinister motives, like the case announced last week where an importor wearing an Army Major uniform tried to gain access to an airplane cockpit:

“[McManus] falsely represented himself to the flight crew as a current member of the U.S. military and an “Air Marshal”, and where he attempted to gain access to the plane’s cockpit.”

Pretending to be a member of the United States Armed Forces is a serious crime, publishable by up to 3 years imprisonment, even more if the impostor is wearning comisisoned officer insignia.

Let’s take a closer look at the danger of military impostors in airports.

Like many Americans, I never miss a change to buy a serviceman lunch or a free drink when I see them in airports, but it appears that douchebags are now wearing military uniforms on flights, begging from people, trying to get free upgrades, and collecting underserved attaboys from the traveling public!

Military Impersonators in Airports

This phony Marine was spotted in the Reno airport.

You don't need to be a GI to spot a fake Marine. Look at this douchebag, messed-up belt, wearing the wrong shoes with no shine, a disgrace to all real Marines.

In this photo, the impostor was caught by a real Marine, and he was lucky to leave with his limbs intact:

Military impostor caught: Any civilian can tell that this is not a real Marine

Also, note that you should insist the federal police arrest posers airports if they are falsely wearing hero medals and officer rank insignia, even if they are not wearing a military uniform.

For example, military impostor Michael Patrick McManus is shown below wearing a Purple Heart ribbon on his baseball cap, an act of stolen valor that is publishable by six months in prison:

You get six months in jail for pretending to be a war hero

While any veteran can easily tell a fake military person, it’s not always easy for civilians. Here are some signs of a military imposter:

- Inappropriate shoes, shoes not shined
- Slovenly appearance, un-tucked shirt
- Pants too short, too long
- Facial hair (goatee, chin pubes, long sideburns)
- Hair too long
- Wears hat indoors
- Excessive medals/ribbons

Have airport impostors arrested immediately

If you spot a civilian imposter in a military uniform, don’t hesitate to call 911 as they might be a terrorist. See my notes on arrests for stolen valor.

You should tell the airport police to arrest them for unauthorized wearing of a military uniform under (10 USC, Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter 45, § 771 § 772).

If the person is also posing as a military officer, insist that they be arrested for violating (18 USC. § 912).

Don't take any guff from the police if they hesitate to arrest a military impostor. Military impostors in airports could be terrosists.

TSA military impostors in airports

TSA thugs in airports are not news, but decorated Iraqi war veteran, Sergeant Mark England claims to have been brutally beaten in the custody of a TSA officer who was impersonating a commissioned officer in the military:

“At about this time the TSA supervisor who I described above as the male in his 50’s told me he “is” a Lt. in the Army.

This person spoke to me as if giving me a military order from a superior. I asked to see his military ID and he refused to show me.”

TSA agent accused of posing as a commissioned officer and beating a decorated veteran