Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cat’s milk food products

The baby boomers are now entering the peak years of their disposable incomes, and boomers everywhere are seeking new food adventures.

But what about inventing new dairy products? After all, everybody loves dairy foods. Heck, even Hitler loved milk:

In recent years we have seen snail caviar, but I think that there is one overlooked one product with great promise, cat’s milk. When you think about it, drinking cow milk is quite gross.

Drinking cows milk is gross

In my research into cat’s milk, we see that cat’s milk is over 20% butterfat, a delicious alternative to cow’s milk with unlimited product potential.

Obviously, there is no shortage of cats, and preliminary market analysis in foreign countries show that cat milk is widely accepted as a food product:

European people sell cats milk

An Americanized version of cat’s milk might look like this:

Will Americans drink cat’s milk?

Once the process of creating a pussy cat dairy had been achieved, we may see all sorts of cat’s milk products, such as Pussy whip, a healthy alternative to Cool whip:

My idea for Pussy Whip dairy topping
(c) 2010 by Dobnald K. Burleson