Monday, February 08, 2010

Equal rights for sexual deviants?

Sexual deviance comes in many forms, and in light of the acceptance of homosexual deviance as a “lifestyle choice”, it seems like every sort of sexual deviant now wants to be accepted by society.

It’s interesting that while sexual deviants want to be accepted, they are quick to claim that their deviant lust is a manifestation of insanity or mental defect, like in the case of Sterling Rachwal, the serial horse rapist who was released from the insane asylum just a few weeks ago.

Sexual deviance is sexual deviance; I don’t see why America has to draw a line between “good” sexual deviance (Homosexual anal sex) and “bad” sexual deviance (sex with an animal).

Is child molestation a legitimate homosexual lifestyle choice?

If the homosexuals succeed in getting full acceptance of their deviant behavior, how far behind will be other sexual deviants?

Pedophiles – The child molesters want to be accepted and organizations like NAMBLA want use to accept their deviant behavior.

Necrophiles – Having sex with rotting corpses and dead animals is just a lifestyle choice, according to lovers of necrophilia.

Ephebophiles – The ephebophiles want social permission to have sex with minors.

Bestiality – People who have relations with animals have given themselves the name “Zoophiles” and they are campaigning for the right to marry horses, chickens goats and horses. Here in the Carolinas there has been a rash of dirtbags getting caught having sex with horses, and we are always wary of anybody carrying a step-ladder around our horses.

Zoophiles want to be able to marry their goats

Just as anybody who finds fudgepacking revolting is labelled a "homophobe", if you criticize any of these groups, you risk being accused of being a “phobe”, and of having latent sexual drives in that direction!

Being labeled a “phobe”

This nonsense has been used by deviants to shut-up people whose gag reflex is invoked by their behavior.

For example, anybody who thinks it is disgusting to have sex with a dead chipmunk is labeled a "Necrophobe" and accused of having the desire for intercourse with corpses.

And heaven forbid if you are grossed-out by perverts having sex with a dog, you are labeled a “Zoophobe”: