Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brad Clayton’s right arm has been stolen!

Janet and I are very lucky to have Brad Clayton as our golf coach, and we were saddened to hear that some crook has stolen his right arm.

What kind of dirtbag would steal a man’s right arm?

That’s the question being asked after some thief stole Brad Claytons prosthetic arm from his home in South Carolina last week.

Brad relies on his right arm to play golf:

Brad relies on his arm to earn a living

According to this TV new reports, the right arm bandit has not been apprehended:

Please lend a hand for Brad

While police work to catch this one arm bandit, Brad needs our help.

Even though Brad Clayton has been recognized as one of America’s top golf coaches, he is not a wealthy man, and this robbery has been devastating.

Brad is especially worthy of your help because he donates his time to help in the “Wounded Warriors” program, teaching real American heroes how to overcome their disabilities and play golf.

It takes a special person to donate their time to help disabled war veterans, and Brad is worthy of your help.

This is just one of the testimonials to Brad's good works:

Brad is too proud to ask for help, but if you have an extra right arm that he can use, he would be very grateful.

Nothing fancy, even an old-fashioned claw-hand arm would be most appreciated.

Please call 800-766-1884 if you would like lend Brad a hand.