Sunday, July 18, 2010

Freeze that Dog Poop!

Don’t you hate it when Rover gets a bad case of Doggie diarrhea?

As a diligent pooper-scooper, you need to clean up the mess, but a severe case of canine projectile diarrhea can cause a spray effect that’s mighty hard to consolidate into a little plastic baggie!

Don't try this with a pooper-scooper

Well, move over Rover, this new product Poop Freeze claims to freeze even the runniest stool into a solid mass so hard that you can pick it up with your bare fingers:

Poop Freeze: "Just frost and toss"

Now, whenever Fido lobs a gooey broth into your shag carpet, it's Poop Freeze to the rescue!

You can use Poop Freeze spray to turn it into a hardened “fudgesicle”, making for easy disposal.

The consumer comments on Poop Freeze are entertaining:

- “You know those cans of air you buy to clean your keyboards & other things? Try turning one of those cans upside down and spraying the poop -couple of blasts - each about 5 seconds works great! That and a putty knife lifts it right off the carpet!”

- “I was really excited to try my Poop Freeze right when I received it. I was only a few weeks from receiving my puppy, so I promptly squatted some out on my kitchen counter. I then doused it with Poop Freeze - what a crock! It sprayed poop all over my cupboards and floor! Not to mention the tray of muffins I had cooling. Doesn't matter that it's human poop, does it? And it darn well shouldn't matter it was diarrhea!”