Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Humanzee

Everyone knows that a female horse Mare can be bred to a male donkey to produce a mule, but it’s interesting that horses and donkeys are genetically more distant than humans and chimpanzees.

According to the anonymous person who write this Wikipedia page, human Chimpanzee breeds have been done, and the offspring are called Humanzees.

A Humanzee: The Human Chimpanzee crossbreed?

Some people fear that cross breeding humans might create a race of Orwellian Proles, but one must wonder if advanced in genetic engineering might make this possible . . .

Best I can figure, a humanzee is something like French people crossed with Hippies. See the video below on humanzee breeding:

Of course, we all know that AIDS was originally a chimp disease, let's no go there . .

Anyway, somebody should make a movie about a Humanzee:

Oh, it looks somebody already made a Humanzee movie:

Genetic engineering for non human species

This page claims that human chimp breeding is possible and that interspecies breeding is indeed possible, and it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Cross a cat with a dog

Imagine the possibilities of a cat/dog hybrid.

It's no problem to try this cross with natural cover, just find a Yorkie:

Here is what a cat dog cross might look like:

The cat-dog cross: The Cadog, or is it a Docat?

But some interspecies crosses would be even weirder . . .

The Easter Egg Cross

Ever wonder what a bunny has to do with easter eggs?

This would answer the question:

“Which came first? The Chicken or the egg?”

This would be an interesting hybrid, the coon dog:

Some dogs will breed anything: