Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 2010 wedges

Without question, the hardest golf shot in the world is a lob wedge off of a packed dirt surface.

It’s hard because the club must be super-precise. An 8th inch fat and you duff, and an 8th inch thing and you send the ball a country mile!

There are a heap of new wedges for 2010 and you need to spend some time on the range to find the best 2010 wedge for you. Quality is secondary, and there is no uniform quality issue that identifies the best wedge.

For some the best 2010 wedge is forged, for others, the best wedge is cast.

Also remember the new 2010 wedge groove rules, and consider this when choosing the best 2010 wedge for you

Here are my notes on the top 2010 wedges.